Nelly Pirot, 2018 Innovation Prize

With more than 20,000 histology slides prepared in her laboratory, Nelly Pirot’s work contributes to nearly 80 research projects every year.

Nelly Pirot

An Inserm research engineer, she is in charge of the platform of the Experimental Histology Network of Montpellier (RHEM), at the Institute of Cancer Research of Montpellier*. Anyone from local scientific community can send her samples that will then be prepared in various ways to be studied under the microscope.

Nelly Pirot, Prix Innovation 2018 - portrait vidéo

The real innovation is a computer tool for recording samples that lists data from tens of thousands of samples. Ultimately, this information bank will be accessible to the global scientific community. "A scientist looking for liver tissue from a given experimental model will be able to consult the bank and contact the researcher who owns the block," explains Nelly Pirot. This approach contributes to reducing the use of animals for research purposes.

Inserm unit 1194/University of Montpellier