Mathilde Touvier, 2019 Research Prize

How does what we eat affect our health? This question is central to Mathilde Touvier’s research, and for which she regularly provides new answers – with particular thanks to the valuable data of the NutriNet-Santé e-Cohort.

Touvier leads the Nutritional Epidemiology Research Team (Eren) at the Center of Research in Epidemiology* in Bobigny. There they explore the links between various factors of diet and health: meats and cured meats, ultra-processed foods, sugary drinks, cocktails of additives… How does what we eat affect our risks of developing certain illnesses?

Mathilde Touvier, Prix recherche - portrait vidéo Prix Inserm 2019 - 3 min

In early 2019, Touvier took over from Serge Hercberg, "father" of the Nutri-Score and NutriNet Santé e-Cohort. It is particularly thanks to the 165,000 "nutrinautes" and the data they share with the researchers that Touvier and her team have been able to show that the consumption of meats and cured meats, ultra-processed foods and sugary drinks may be linked to an increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.


*unit 1153 Inserm/Inserm/Cnam/Université de Paris/Université Paris 13