Marc Peschanski, 2017 Opecst-Inserm Prize

Inserm Research Director Marc Peschanski and his team are currently working to mass-produce therapies developed from human embryonic stem cells and their products.

Marc Peschanski © Inserm/Delapierre, Patrick
Marc Peschanski © Inserm/Delapierre, Patrick

A specialist in genetic diseases and cell therapy, Peschanski has made a name for himself with his human embryonic stem cell work. In 2005, he founded the Institute for Stem Cell Therapy and Exploration of Monogenic Diseases (I-Stem)* in Evry.

The Institute teams are now gearing up to carry out their first clinical trial in partnership with the Institut de la vision which aims to treat people suffering from retinitis pigmentosa using laboratory-produced cells derived from stem cells. By forming a new pigmentary epithelium, these cells should restore vision in patients.

Last year, I-Stem helped found YposKesi, a company dedicated to the mass-production of gene and cell therapies discovered by the researchers at the institute.


*Inserm unit 861/Université d'Evry-Val-d’Essonne/Evry Genopole