Ludovic Galas, 2017 Innovation Prize

Inserm Research Engineer Ludovic Galas has developed the Agir app to help identify and locate all risks—chemical, biological, radiation-related—at a research institute such as Inserm.

Ludovic Galas © Inserm
Ludovic Galas © Inserm

Head of the Upper-Normandy Cell Imaging Regional Research Platform, Ludovic Galas* launched this project during construction of a huge research building. To file the building permit, he was tasked with detailing the risks associated with the future laboratory set to accommodate no less than 200 people.

With more than 859 chemicals identified, he has a challenging situation on his hands. To meet the challenge, the engineer and his employees are developing EasyLab Manager, a management interface for activities encountered in biological and biomedical research structures and infrastructure.

The move to the new building has since been a success and the engineer has turned his invention into a national solution: Agir (risk management and inventory app), to be used by the 12,000 people that work in Inserm structures.


*Inserm unit 1234/Université de Rouen, Pathophysiology, Autoimmunity, Neuromuscular Disease and Regenerative Therapies (PANTHER)