Jean-François Delfraissy, 2019 Prize of Honor

Current French National Consultative Ethics Committee President Jean-François Delfraissy has always privileged listening and health democracy. In the 1980s, in the face of a new and unknown disease – AIDS −, this physician-researcher immediately understood the role that the patients could play in the acquisition of knowledge.

Prior to being appointed President of the French National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE) in 2016, Delfraissy had played a key role in the fight against AIDS. Firstly as physician and researcher, and then as Director of the French AIDS and Viral Hepatitis Research Agency (ANRS) from 2005. Driven by a desire to work collectively, he has not only carved out a place for patients but has also opened up HIV research to developing countries.

At the helm of Inserm’s Immunology, Inflammation, Infectiology and Microbiology Institute (I3M) and its Multi-Organization (ITMO) counterpart within the Aviesan alliance, he has become a coordinator of French infectious diseases and immunology research. It was to Delfraissy that the French government turned in October 2014, at a time when the world was fearing an outbreak of Ebola: he joined the interministerial Ebola Task Force and participated in the creation of the REACTing consortium, with the purpose of providing rapid responses to emerging health crises.

Jean Francois Delfraissy, Prix d'honneur - portrait vidéo Prix Inserm 2019 - 2 min 46