Elisabetta Dejana, 2018 International Prize

Elisabetta Dejana has a particularly rich European career path, split between France, Italy and Sweden. This vascular specialist is interested in both the fight against cancer as well as understanding anomalies affecting the formation of the blood vessels of the brain.

Elisabetta Dejana

She is currently the director of the New strategies to inhibit tumor angiogenesis research unit at IFOM (the institute specialized in medical oncology of the Italian Foundation for Research Against Cancer) and also manages a team in Sweden. In the past, the Italian researcher has managed an Inserm unit and a CEA laboratory in Grenoble*.

Elisabetta Dejana, Prix International 2018 - portrait vidéo

Elisabetta Dejana is particularly interested in the formation of the vessels that irrigate malignant tumors. After considering that inhibiting the development of these vessels could slow down tumor growth, the researcher and her team changed their strategy. "It is more important to have regular vessels, not fragile ones, that are able to distribute drugs throughout the tumor," explains the researcher.

*Inserm unit 217/Hematology laboratory of the CEA, Grenoble