Chiara Guerrera, 2019 Innovation Prize

Research engineer Chiara Guerrera has developed an intelligent and high-performance proteomics analysis platform. Thanks to her work, complex technologies are becoming accessible to academic researchers.

Guerrera is responsible for the university proteomics platform of the Necker federative research structure*. A specialist in proteins analysis, she threw herself into creating a very high level platform. In parallel to the services offered to the research teams, Guerrera performs technological research: if the resources available are inadequate in responding to the researchers’ questions, she develops a new strategy!

Chiara Guerrera, Prix innovation - portrait vidéo Prix Inserm 2019 - 3 min

Her team is particularly specialized in the study of extracellular nanovesicles, which all cells secrete. Their research has, for example, led to the identification of prognostic markers of cystinuria – a rare genetic kidney disease, or that of predictive markers of treatment response in patients with cystic fibrosis.


*service unit 24 Inserm/CNRS/Université Paris Descartes/AP-HP