Alain Tedgui, 2018 Inserm Grand Prize

Alain Tedgui is a specialist in atherosclerosis – a major cause of cardiovascular disorders. He has, in particular, highlighted the inflammatory and immune aspects of the disease.

Alain Tedgui

Director of the Paris-Cardiovascular Research Center (PARCC)* at the Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou (Paris), Alain Tedgui has dedicated his career to atherosclerosis. This pathology is characterized by the formation of plaques composed essentially of lipids on arterial walls. Over time, these plaques can cause damage to the arterial wall (sclerosis), lead to obstruction of the vessel, or rupture, often with dramatic consequences.

Alain Tedgui, Grand Prix Inserm 2018 - portrait vidéo

In the early 90s, Alain Tedgui hypothesized that atherosclerosis was a chronic inflammatory disease. He focused on the role of inflammatory mediators in this disease and, along with his team, demonstrated the essential role of immune cells in the body's protective mechanism against the progression of the disease. This discovery paved the way for the development of atherosclerosis immunotherapy. Two clinical trials are currently underway to assess this approach.

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*Inserm unit 970/Paris Descartes University