Alain Chédotal, 2017 Research Prize

Inserm Research Director Alain Chédotal has helped develop an incredible observation technique for living organisms. As a result, it is now possible to 3D map a human embryo.

Alain Chédotal © Inserm/Delapierre, Patrick
Alain Chédotal © Inserm/Delapierre, Patrick

At the Institut de la vision*, Alain Chédotal studies neural connection development in the central nervous system, particularly during the development of the visual system and in eye diseases.

Thus, the researcher has helped develop a living organism observation technique combining immunolabeling, 3D microscopy and a technique to 'make tissue transparent'. He joined forces with Paolo Giacobini, Head of Inserm Research at the Jean Pierre Aubert research center in Lille**, and used this new technique to observe the anatomy of human embryos aged 6 to 14 weeks. The result is an atlas of embryonic development based on real data!


*Inserm unit 968/CNRS/UPMC

** Inserm unit 1172/Université de Lille/CHRU Lille/Université d'Artois/Lille Institute for Cancer Research (IRCL)