Ahmed Abbas, 2018 Innovation Prize

Ahmed Abbas, radiopharmacist and research engineer at Inserm, works at the crossroads of nuclear technology, health research and medical imaging.

Ahmed Abbas

Ahmed Abbas* manages radioactive drugs at the Cyceron biomedical imaging platform (Caen), handling their supply, storage, control and various authorization requests. He has also developed dedicated software for the platform and helps develop new products.

Ahmed Abbas, Prix Innovation 2018 - portrait vidéo

For example, he has recently been working on the use of sodium fluoride F-18 in evaluating how dangerous atheromatous plaques are, as well as on the development of radiotracers for certain lymphomas or beta-amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer's disease. This is essential for the advancement of biomedical research.

Inserm unit 1077/University of Caen-Normandie/EPHE