Fostering global responsible research with CRISPR-Cas9

On the 1st of November 2016, Inserm Ethics Committee organized a workshop in Buenos-Aires (Argentina), on the development of genome editing technologies.

This meeting aimed at promoting Latin-American discussions on the development of genome editing technologies, with particular reference to human applications. International experts will share their experiences with regard to developing critical thinking, policy and best practice on genome editing, before turning the focus to the Latin-American context. This workshop is part of a proposed series of discussions to be held around the globe (India and Africa), designed to promote transparent and sound ethical debates, and contribute to the advancement of a necessary global responsible scientific research and innovation.

With the participation of :

  • Florencia Luna, Argentina
  • François Hirsch, France
  • Hervé Chneiweiss, France
  • Katherine Littler, UK
  • Fabiana Arzuaga, Argentina
  • Peter Mills, UK
  • Florencia Braga Menéndez, Argentina
  • Xavier Soberón Mainero, Mexico
  • Sergio Surugi de Siqueira, Brazil
  • Federico Pereyra Bonnet, Argentina
  • Martina Crispo, Uruguay
  • Noemi Sandra Tirado Bustillos, Bolivia
  • Carla Saenz, WHO, USA