Ethics Committee’s Theme-Based Think Tanks

The Inserm Ethics Committee is organized into several theme-based think tanks. These themes continue to evolve in response to the issues raised by scientific medical research and health research.

Embryo and Developmental Research

This group focuses on research in which germ cells and gametes are obtained from stem cells, embryo research with a cognitive focus, and embryo research that may improve infertility treatments and the results of assisted reproductive technology.

Ethics Committee memos on Representations of Animals in Research

Representations of Animals in Research

This group investigates the links between animal representation and animal experimentation and tries to improve the management of the potential distress experienced by experimenters.

Health Research in Resource-Limited Countries

This group studies the particular nature and challenges for health research ethics in resource-limited countries, and aims to promote their application.

Discover the program and minutes from the focus workshop Towards a sustainable sharing of data & samples collected during trials effectuated in resource-limited countries (November 15, 2015)

Research with direct access to patients

Until now, it has mainly been doctors who have informed and proposed to patients to participate in a new study designed to advance research. But the opportunity is increasing for pharmaceutical companies or other clinical trial organizers to contact patients directly. This change must be anticipated if they are to be carried out in an ethical manner.

Ethics Committee memos on ethics of health innovation

Ethics of Health Innovation

This group studies questions around ethics of health innovation.

Incidental and Unexpected Research Findings

This group focuses in particular on the socioethical handling of incidental findings from genomic research.

This group is no longer in activity.