Inserm Ethics Committee (CEI)

The Inserm Ethics Committee was created as a fully fledged stakeholder in the dialogue between the scientific and medical research community and wider society.

The aims and working practices of the Inserm Ethics Committee (CEI) are firmly integrated into the practical and everyday life of the Institute: it provides support to Institute staff in identifying and incorporating ethical issues into their projects from the outset, and in considering their methods. Eventually, it also aims to align the ethical work of the life sciences research organizations that make up Aviesan. These aspects make it a unique body that is distinct from France’s National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE).

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Ethics Committee Referrals and Reports

The Inserm Ethics Committee may be consulted on, or may itself decide to consider, the ethical issues raised by scientific medical research and health research as it is carried out within the Institute. Following deliberation, it provides its opinion in the form of guidelines that may develop as a result of new contributions.