The purpose of HAL-Inserm is to host full texts from all Inserm scientific publications (books, Ph.D. theses and communications). They can be consulted on an open-access basis.

HAL-Inserm is the institutional portal of Inserm within the national open-access archive (HAL). This portal is connected to PubMed Central (PMC), the international disciplinary open-access archive of the National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health (NLM-NIH, United States). Its objective is to bring together, promote and perpetuate the institute’s entire scientific output, in order to facilitate its access, dissemination and increase its visibility.

Inserm and open access

A 2003 signatory of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, Inserm joined forces in 2006 with a number of establishments on the subject of a multidisciplinary national open-access archive: HAL. In 2013, a partnership agreement in favor of open-access archives and the shared platform HAL, was established.

Since 2007, the French National Research Agency (ANR) recommends that all articles resulting from projects that it has funded be submitted to an open-access archive. For its part, the European Commission requires that articles resulting from projects funded as part of Horizon 2020 be open-access.

The HAL-Inserm team is at the service of researchers to help them with their submissions, and then to check and complete them. In particular, it monitors the conditions of online submission in accordance with the publishers’ policies and in compliance with the law for a Digital Republic.