This page contains the procedures and conditions for use enabling authorized individuals from Inserm to access the national medical databases.

SNIIRAM is a national information system covering the country’s various mandatory health insurance schemes and whose data, which relates to the reimbursement of healthcare, has been progressively collected and organized since 2002. Information on its scope, purposes, data acquisition and data access is set out in a decree issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health referred for opinion to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) and then published in the country’s Official Gazette.

The Permanent Beneficiaries Sample (EGB) is a panel extracted from SNIIRAM. Its consultation by authorized individuals from Inserm is regulated.

The EGB conditions of use seek to:

  • Guarantee that individuals undergoing training to access SNIIRAM databases are legitimate and to vouch for the information provided by the user at the time of registration (verification that they work in an Inserm structure and the existence of a permanent researcher to act as guarantor)
  • Ensure the proper use of the data in compliance with the EGB and SNIIRAM conditions of use and with the framework agreement signed by the National Health Insurance Fund for Employees (CNAMTS) and Inserm (individual use of access codes, vigilance regarding sources of private funding)
  • Ensure that study protocols (or summaries) corresponding to the data to be extracted from EGB are available
  • Guarantee the legitimacy of modifications to user access rights (project extension, project change, discontinuation, etc.)

Studies requiring access to EGB must seek to:

  • "Improve the quality of healthcare, particularly through the comparison of practices with reference frameworks, /…/, the evaluation of healthcare consumption behaviors, and through the analysis of the characteristics and determinants of healthcare quality"
  • "Contribute to better health policy management, particularly through the identification of patient care pathways, the monitoring and evaluation of patient health and its consequences on healthcare consumption, the analysis of patient social security coverage, and through the monitoring and consumption of healthcare according to various public health or risk indicators"

SNIIRAM training registration procedure and access rights allocation

The single point of contact for all requests relating to EGB access for Inserm researchers is the Public Health Institute:
Download the full procedure.

The mandatory training sessions for access to EGB

The mandatory training sessions for access to the other SNIIRAM data marts accessible via Business Objects


  • Form A:SNIIRAM training registration form
  • Form B:SNIIRAM database consultation rights form
  • Appendix:Conditions of use of the SNIIRAM Permanent Beneficiaries Sample (EGB)
  • Appendix:Description of projects requiring use of EGB data

Portal profiles

Changes likely to affect access rights and which must be notified by the authorized user

  • Preparation of a project or new project;
  • Change of project;
  • End of project;
  • End of use of EGB data;
  • Change of role within the laboratory;
  • No longer working at Inserm.

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