Joint Inserm-University Chairs

Inserm is a partner of the "Joint Public Scientific and Technical Research Establishment-University Chairs" program. This program offers Associate Professor (MCU) or Full Professor (PU) positions, according to the needs of the Universities, accompanied by a Chair.

The "Joint Public Scientific and Technical Research Establishment-University Chairs" scheme is to attract talented scientists to thematically defined positions chosen by Inserm and the participating university, according to a common scientific strategy.

Chosen jointly by Inserm and the university within the framework of joint selection committees, successful applicants are recruited as Associate or Full Professor by the university and placed by delegation at Inserm. In addition to their salary, they receive a substantial bonus and financial support for their research.

These five-year chair appointments allow these Associate or Full Professors to concentrate on their research project in an appropriate scientific environment while they develop their pedagogic skills through a teaching schedule limited to one third of their time.

Who can apply?

Chairs are open to:

  • researchers in their first Associate or Full Professor position
  • Associate or Full Professor applicants wanting to be transferred
  • research scientists wishing to convert to teaching positions

To apply for these positions, applicants must be "qualified" by the Higher Education Board.

Inserm therefore encourages postdoctoral researchers and tenured researchers to apply for the position of Inserm-University Chair and to register on the qualification lists beforehand. Once obtained, the qualification is valid for a period of 4 years. However, a qualification exemption may be granted to applicants working in equivalent positions to the teaching positions in foreign universities.


Marie-Josèphe Leroy-Zamia - Program Assessment and Follow-Up Department
Marc Cressant - Human Resources Department SDPCIT