Funding Programs with India

Non-exhaustive list.

French Programs

Raman-Charpak Grants

The program funds Indian and French Ph.D. students for a period of 2 to 6 months wishing to carry out part of their research work in laboratories based in France or India respectively. This program covers life sciences, space science, material science, engineering sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics and informatics.

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Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research

The Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR) supports high-quality research groups through collaborative research projects in the advanced fields of basic and applied science. Collaboration is particularly encouraged in the fields of life sciences and health. IFCPAR provides the research partners with manpower, consumables, equipment for the Indian partners, and travel (international and national).

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Industrial Research Projects

In order to promote collaborations between industrial research teams and partners in the two countries, IFCPAR has launched the "industrial research project" program. This program aims to support the development of new processes or products, improve existing processes or products, to enhance the international competitiveness of the industrial partners involved. In the industrial research projects, the direct participation of the industry must be clearly stated from the proposal stage.

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Seminar/Workshop Program

IFCPAR also organizes seminars/workshops on relevant scientific subjects and topics of mutual interest between France and India. These seminars/workshops are held in either France or India. They facilitate information and knowledge exchanges between scientists in the two countries, but most importantly they support the emergence of new projects that are likely to be funded by the Center.

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DST-ANR Targeted Programs

These programs are established by funding agencies of both the countries with the aim of supporting collaborative research activities in the specific thematic areas of Science and Technology.

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Indian Programs

Wellcome Trust-DBT India Alliance - Early Career Fellowships

This program is aimed at funding young researchers to conduct biomedical research in India. Collaborative visits to an external laboratory abroad may also be funded. The funding is for a period of 5 years and provides:

  • Personal support
  • Research expenses (materials, consumables)
  • Additional allowances (travel and overseas subsistence)

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Dr. D.S. Kothari Postdoctoral fellowship

This Indian program, offers young Ph.D. graduates below 35 years of age, a postdoctoral "fellowship" to conduct full-time research work in the Science Departments of Indian universities. The grant amount is approximately €420 per month.

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