National Meeting of Research and Patient Groups: Sharing knowledge and research perspectives


Participatory research is the theme of the seventh national meeting of Research and Patient Groups held by Inserm in partnership with the French Académie des Sciences and the French National Academy of Medicine. This meeting will be held on Saturday, December 9 at the Académie des Sciences.

The participatory approach, in which patients themselves are research actors, is playing an increasingly important role in health research. Today, this approach and the ethical reflection that accompanies it can be heard in all scientific fields.

In this context, Inserm, in partnership with the Académie des Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine, is organizing its 7th national meeting Research and Patient Associations on the theme of participatory research. Entitled Sharing Knowledge and Research Perspectives, this meeting will focus on health research. It will also highlight other areas, such as ecology, as well as new societal or educational visions of research.

This day will bring together many testimonies from representatives of patient associations and researchers from all fields. Promoting new interactions between research professionals, patients or users, who are the primary beneficiaries of scientific results, and strengthening their capacity to participate as citizens-research actors, will be at the heart of the debates.

National meetings are regularly organised by Inserm to encourage exchanges between associations, researchers and political actors. These are key moments to give visibility and debate to the new relationships between research, patient associations and society


Opening Words

  • Sébastien Candel, president of the French Académie des Sciences
  • Claude Jaffiol, president of the French National Academy of Medicine
  • Yves Lévy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Inserm
  • Frédérique Vidal, Minister for Higher Education, Research and Innovation

Introductory Conferences

  • Pierre Corvol: Ethics, researchers, and patients
  • Yvon Le Maho: Participative research in ecology, biodiversity observatory
  • François Houillier, presentation of the “Participative Sciences in France” report

Session 1. Participative research: research players, users, and patients
Session 2. Recognition of the expertise of patients/citizens and their loved ones
Session 3. The field of health, a laboratory of science/society relations


  • Martine Bungener, president of the think tank with the Inserm’s patient groups
  • Daniel Couturier, permanent secretary of the French National Academy of Medicine
  • Catherine Bréchignac, permanent secretary of the French Académie des Sciences: What is the citizen’s role in orienting research policy and funding?

Practical Information

Audience: patient groups, researchers, political players
Locations: Académie des Sciences, 23 quai de Conti, Paris, France
Date: December 9, 2017
Important information: Entry is free but registration is required


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