BioPrint: Inserm Launches its Second ART


Inserm launches its second accelerators of technological research (ART), devoted to 3D Bioprinting. Located in Bordeaux, it is the only tech unit to use the three principal 3D biological printing technologies: laser, ink jet and micro-extrusion. Within the ART, researchers and engineers work together to as quickly as possible transform the fruits of research into technological innovation.

3D printer laser NOVALASE, LIFT technology © Inserm/François Guénet
Machine à imprimer 3D laser NOVALASE, technologie LIFT (Light Induce Fast Transfer). © Inserm/François Guénet. Prise de vue : septembre 2017

The creation of accelerators of technological research (ART) is a priority of Inserm’s strategic plan.

The BioPrint ART aims to apply its knowledge to various domains, such as tissue engineering, oncology or pharmacology, in order to succeed in creating tissues and complex organoids in the near future.

Located in the BioTis Joint Research Unit (U 1026 Inserm/Université de Bordeaux), the BioPrint ART is run by Jean-Christophe Fricain.

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Bioprinting – reportage et interview – 4 min 38 – extrait de la série Des idées plein la tech’ (2011)

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