2017 Inserm Prizes: re-Watch the Ceremony


The annual Inserm Prize ceremony will take place on Thursday, November 30, 2017, at the Collège de France to celebrate nine researchers and engineers whose work has helped raise the level of scientific excellence at the institute. 

The 2017 Inserm Prizes will be attended by Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Cédric Villani, MP, and Gérard Longuet, Senator, Chairman and first Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Office for Scientific and Technological Assessment (Opecst).

re-Watch the ceremony

The 2017 Winners

2017 Grand Prize: Edith Heard

An international epigenetics specialist, Edith Heard's major discoveries include a group of mechanisms involved in the regulation of X-chromosome inactivation and the role of nuclear organization in this process.

2017 International Prize: Marie-Paule Kieny

Inserm Research Director Marie-Paule Kieny spent most of her career at the World Health Organization (WHO). A virology specialist, she became a public health policy strategist there.

2017 Prize of Honor: Claude-Agnès Reynaud and Jean-Claude Weill

Claude-Agnès Reynaud, Director of Research at CNRS, and Jean-Claude Weill, Professor Emeritus of Immunology at the Faculty of Medicine at Université Paris Descartes, have worked side by side since 1981 in the field of adaptive immunology.

2017 Opecst-Inserm Prize: Marc Peschanski

Marc Peschanski has made a name for himself with his human embryonic stem cell work. In 2005, he founded the Institute for Stem Cell Therapy and Exploration of Monogenic Diseases (I-Stem) in Evry.

2017 Research Prize: Alain Chédotal, Emmanuelle Génin

Inserm Research Director Alain Chédotal has helped develop an incredible observation technique for living organisms. As a result, it is now possible to 3D map a human embryo.

Inserm Research Director Emmanuelle Génin has helped draw up the French Plan for Genomic Medicine 2025. In her laboratory, she works to make it a reality, ensuring that genome sequencing will become an effective clinical diagnostic tool.

2017 Innovation Prize: Sophie Allart, Ludovic Galas

With her extensive microscopy expertise, Inserm Research Biochemist and Engineer Sophie Allart helped uncover the presence of the Zika virus inside sperm, and not just at the surface.

Inserm Research Engineer Ludovic Galas has developed the Agir app to help identify and locate all risks - chemical, biological, radiation-related - at a research institute such as Inserm.

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