Your contact: the Research Integrity Officer

Scientific integrity and its associated issues concern all areas of research: the research itself, the dissemination of knowledge, the training of students, evaluations and expert appraisals. Should you have any questions, require advice or wish to report misconduct, please contact Inserm’s Office for Research Integrity.

Created in 1999, the Inserm Office for Research Integrity has the following missions:

  • reflect regularly on the question of scientific integrity, and to promote national and European standardization of the adopted procedures
  • contribute to the dissemination of good research practices
  • act as a mediator with a view to resolving scientific conflicts
  • answer questions raised and deal with any reports received concerning breaches of scientific integrity or ethical standards


Ghislaine Filliatreau, Inserm Research Integrity Officer 

Complaints may be made to the Office by any Inserm employee or any person working in an Inserm-accredited body. The Office operates in compliance with the strictest conditions of impartiality and confidentiality and, where necessary, with its counterparts in the other institutions concerned.