Chairman: Pascal Griset

Pascal Griset © Inserm/Guénet, François

Created in January 2017, the Inserm History Committee reports directly to the Chairman and CEO of the Institute. Its creation partly reflects the move in recent decades to rebuild, preserve, and demonstrate the value of Inserm’s heritage, but was also part of the celebrations marking the organization’s 50th birthday in 2014.


One of the committee’s highest priorities is to promote and lead studies into the history of Inserm and biological, medical, and French health-care research in its national and international context, in order to make apparent Inserm’s role within the French research system.

The committee is also involved in contributing to the Inserm history site, and promotes or organizes, in conjunction with university, scientific, cultural, and socioeconomic bodies, seminars, symposia, round tables and other events concerning the history of Inserm and, more widely, the history of medical research and health care. Finally, the committee aims to bring together organizations working in related and/or complementary fields, and to develop partner projects with them.


The committee members are appointed by the Chairman and CEO of Inserm for a period of 4 years, which may be renewed:

  • Pascal Griset (chair), professor at the Université Paris-Sorbonne, co-author of the work "Au Cœur du Vivant" published on Inserm’s fiftieth anniversary, and a specialist on the history of innovation and major scientific institutions.
  • Four individuals who have contributed through their work to the development and excellence of Inserm: Yves Agid, Martine Bungener, Pierre Corvol, and André Syrota
  • Four individuals with expertise in Inserm/science and society issues: Florence Hachez-Leroy, Jean-Paul Gaudillière, Muriel Le Roux, and Cécile Meadel

Full members:

  • Thierry Damerval, deputy director-general of Inserm
  • Carine Delrieu, director of the Department of Scientific Information and Communication at Inserm
  • Suzy Mouchet, manager of the Inserm history website
  • Hélène Chambefort, manager of the Inserm archives
  • Dominique Donnet-Kamel, former head of the Patient Associations team, closely involved in science/society relations
Création du Comité pour l'histoire de l'Inserm © Inserm/Heidinger, Jean-Marie

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