Inserm le magazine n°44

In the September 2019 issue, discover our special feature called "Environmental Health Overcoming Uncertainty". Inserm’s magazine illustrates discoveries, debates and issues from the ever-evolving field of biomedical research.

“How can we live healthily in a contaminated world?” A question which is justified, given the latest reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the World Bank on the state of our environment. In our globalized economy, no manufactured products are spared the substances supplied by the chemical industries, and production creates pollution through the extraction of raw materials, transport, and storage of waste, placing the ecosystems of our planet under unprecedented strain. We feel that our living environments are steeped in invisible threats, bringing with them new disease. But this fear is primarily the symptom of the general realization throughout society that the environment is something upon which we depend. At present, while our societies are trying to initiate an environmental revolution, new forms of knowledge are being mobilized within and also beyond research, in order to understand what is really affecting our bodies.

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