Head of the center: Valérie Thibaudeau

Assistant and manager: Imane Lahmami

The Infrastructure Committee was created within the Health Technologies theme-based institute in 2016, and aims to coordinate Inserm’s technological platforms and to strengthen participation in national research infrastructure.


  • To keep a record of the different platforms in which Inserm participates
  • To organize the structure of the technology platforms and infrastructure
  • To advise on the creation of service units and new infrastructure
  • To increase the visibility of the infrastructure across the Inserm scientific community
  • To strengthen Inserm’s presence in national infrastructure steering committees
  • To encourage alignment and support synergies between different infrastructures
  • To ensure that good laboratory practices, regulations, ethical guidelines, and quality assurance procedures are followed
  • To identify service gaps and minimize redundancies
  • To demonstrate the value of the Inserm infrastructure
  • To improve resource planning across all infrastructures and advise on medium-sized equipment purchases for the platforms in order to strengthen the offer of regional offices and the theme-based institutes

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The Infrastructure Committee is organized into five groups: