Director : Carine Delrieu

Deputy director: Priscille Rivière

Deputy director of scientific and technical information (STI): Michel Pohl

Assistants: Valentyna Balan, Yamina Sadani


The Department of Scientific Information and Communication (DISC) is a research support structure defined by its two broad missions: communication, and scientific and technical information.

In its communication role, the DISC:

  • defines and implements the organization’s communication policy, including putting forward and developing the Institute’s communication plan
  • produces communication tools and editorial content
  • manages press relations and contributes to promoting the scientific output of Institute researchers in the media
  • manages relations with parliamentary representatives
  • monitors proper use of the Inserm brand and the dissemination of good communication practices
  • organizes the Inserm event policy and manages the dissemination of scientific culture
  • leads on relations with patient associations (to find out more see the Patient Associations Area)
  • coordinates the organization’s internal communication strategy in conjunction with the Department of Human Resources
  • manages and develops Aviesan communications, in consultation with its partners

In its scientific and technical information role, the DISC implements Inserm’s policy on the dissemination of scientific information and access to digital resources, at a national and international level. Its objectives are inscribed in a policy of demonstrating the value of Inserm’s research activities and expertise. In order to achieve this, it:

  • develops and proposes content portals, with access limited to its research structures, or freely accessible to the general public
  • provides the structures and research units with the key international scientific literature and digital databases, through bibliographical and bibliometric tools
  • disseminates scientific information to patients, the organizations that represent them, and to health-care professionals
  • actively collaborates with numerous research institutions and organizations As part of a partnership agreement with the CNRS, it benefits in particular from the expertise of the Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (INIST-CNRS) and the Centre for Direct Scientific Communication (CCSD). It is also the French partner of the National Library of Medicine (NLM/NIH) in the United States.

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