Representative: Ghislaine Filliatreau

Project Manager : Claire Hivroz

Inserm was a pioneer in France when it created its Research Integrity Office (RIO) in 1999.


The Inserm Research Integrity Office (RIO) has a dual role: to respond to queries regarding scientific integrity, and to handle reports (concerning Inserm staff or staff working for Inserm structures), but also to suggest preventive measures, promote good practice, and participate in national and international harmonization initiatives. The missions of the office are as follows:

  • to lead ongoing debate on scientific integrity,
  • to promote national and European harmonization of adopted procedures,
  • to contribute to implementing preventive measures and disseminating good research practices,
  • to respond to queries and to handle reports concerning breaches of integrity or ethics.


When it considers a case, the office hears all parties and gathers all accessible elements of proof. Where possible, it suggests a mediation solution which, if accepted by all parties, concludes the case. If mediation fails, or in the case of proven ethical misconduct, the office undertakes a scientific appraisal as part of an arbitration commission. The experts involved sign a declaration of interests form that enables the legitimacy of their expertise to be confirmed, as well as a confidentiality agreement. From the conclusions of experts and its own investigations, the office provides its observations and proposals to the Chairman and CEO of Inserm, who has the sole authority to decide on the appropriate course of action and communication.

The office works in the strictest possible conditions of impartiality and confidentiality. It does not accept anonymous reports. In the case of joint units, the office handles the case in conjunction with its counterparts in the other institutions concerned.

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