The Specialized Scientific Committees (CSS) support the Chairman and CEO of the Institute and contribute to the periodic evaluation of the work of the research unit relating to their field, in consideration of the missions communicated to the High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES), the French research evaluation body.

As part of recruitment competitions for research heads and directors, the Commissions form a preliminary selection board, select applications and place them in order of merit. They also manage the researcher activity evaluation process and requests for promotion.

The CSS are further consulted regarding:

  • the creation, modification, or closure of Institute research units
  • the nomination of research unit heads, the renewal of their contracts, or the decision to end them
  • the financial contribution to be provided, as part of Institute programs, to scientific training projects or research groups that do not belong to the Institute

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The CSS are created by the Management Board following consultation with the Scientific Advisory Board. They include members elected by the five colleges representing Institute staff, as well as those who contribute to its work, and members appointed by the Chairman and CEO of the Institute. He decides how they are run and how they will elect their elected members.

CSS 1:Living Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms

CSS 2:Developmental Disorders, Hematology, and Cancer

CSS 3:Large System Physiology and Physiopathology

CSS 4:Neuroscience

CSS 5:Immunity and Infection

CSS 6:Public Health and Health Technology