Chairman: Pierre-Olivier Couraud

Pierre-Olivier Couraud © Inserm/Latron, Patrice


The role of the Inserm Scientific Advisory Board (CS) is to consider and put forward new proposals in the area of scientific policy. It is involved in developing the organization’s scientific policy. It is consulted by the Chairman and CEO of the Institute in the following areas:

  • general direction, general programs of activity, and the use of research results
  •  the strategic plan and the long-term contract plan
  •  the creation, modification, and closure of Inserm research laboratories
  •  the appointment of laboratory heads, the renewal of their contracts, or the decision to end them
  •  the recruitment policy for research staff
  •  general guidelines for the Institute’s value-creation, information, and training activities

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The composition of the Scientific Advisory Board is as follows:

  • half are members elected by the electoral colleges representing Institute staff as well as those who contribute to its work
  • half are members nominated on the recommendation of the Chairman of the Institute, appointed by joint decree of the Minister for Research and the Minister for Health

Its chairman is elected by the Scientific Advisory Board itself, on a proposal from the Chairman and CEO of the Institute.

List of members of the Inserm Scientific Advisory Board – 2017-2022 mandate