Chairwoman: Christine Dosquet

The Inserm Ethics Evaluation Committee (CEEI) is a research ethics committee (REC) as defined by the Council of Europe. The CEEI is registered with the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) of the United States Department of Health, and is therefore an Institutional Review Board (IRB00003888).

The CEEI is attached for administrative purposes to the Inserm Directorate General, but its organization and decisions are entirely independent.


The mission of the Inserm Ethics Evaluation Committee (CEEI) is to provide its opinion on research projects that directly or indirectly involve humans in the biological and medical area (health research), but also in social sciences and humanities. Through its procedures, the CEEI supports investigators to make ethical consideration an integral part of the scientific approach.


The CEEI is a multidisciplinary committee whose members are appointed by decision of the Chairman and CEO of Inserm. These include members with health expertise, members with social sciences and humanities expertise, a methodologist, a legal expert with expertise in clinical research, and a patient association representative. One of the members of the CEEI chairs the committee.

Members of the CEEI/IRB

  • Christine Dosquet (Chair), hematologist (AP-HP and UMR-S 1131)
  • Philippe Amiel, sociologist and health-care legal expert (Inserm unit 1123)
  • Bruno Clément, biologist (director of Inserm unit 991)
  • Jacqueline London, molecular biologist, chair of the AFRT
  • Marie Préau, Professor of health-care social psychology (Lyon 2)
  • Marie-Christine de la Morlais (Alliance maladies rares [Rare Disease Alliance])
  • Baptiste Moutaud, anthropologist and ethnologist (Inserm unit 988, CERMES3)
  • Perrine Roux, public health researcher (Inserm unit 912)
  • Raphaël Porcher, biostatistician (Inserm unit 1153)
  • Alice René, neuroscientist, head of bioethical cell regulation at the CNRS
  • Viviane Viollet (Alliance Maladies Rares [Rare Disease Alliance])
  • Michèle Souyri, chercheuse Inserm (UMR-S 1131)
  • Maria Teixeira, lecturer in social anthropology (Paris Diderot) and researcher (Inserm unit 1123)
  • Emilie Bujeaud (Inserm, CEEI secretary)