Chairman: Hervé Chneiweiss

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The CEI’s mission is to lead debate concerning the ethical issues raised by scientific medical research and health research as it is carried out within the Institute. The Inserm Ethics Committee may be consulted by all Inserm staff, through scientific bodies, or through the Directorate General. It may also decide to debate an issue unilaterally.

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The Inserm Ethics Committee is composed of fifteen members who are appointed for a 3-year period, which may be renewed.

At least half of the committee members are not directly affiliated to Inserm, and at least half are not biologists or doctors. Male-female parity is ensured. Members’ fields of expertise are complementary and cover biomedical research in humans, animal experimentation, product regulation and health-care procedures, and health economics and sociology. The committee includes French-speaking individuals from outside France.

Members of the CEI

  • Henri Atlan (École des hautes études en sciences sociales - Biology and Philosophy)
  • Bernard Baertschi (Université de Genève - Moral philosophy and Ethics of biotechnology)
  • Bertrand Bed’Hom (Museum national d’Histoire naturelle - Animal behaviour)
  • Mylène Botbol-Baum (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgique - Bioethics and Philosophy)
  • Catherine Bourgain (Cermes 3 - Human genetics and statistics, Participatory research)
  • Anne Buisson (Association François Aupetit - Representative of patients' associations)
  • Hervé Chneiweiss (Inserm/CNRS - Neuro-Ethics)
  • Hélène Combrisson (École nationale vétérinaire, Maisons-Alfort - Veterinary Medicine)
  • Anne Dubart-Kupperschmitt (Inserm - Stem cell biology, gene and cell therapies)
  • François Eisinger (Institut Paoli-Calmettes, Marseille - Genetics)
  • Marie Grosset (magistrate and teacher in public health law)
  • François Hirsch (Inserm - Ethics of life sciences, ethics of research in the South)
  • Pierre Jouannet (Université Paris 5 - Human fertility and reproduction)
  • Pierre Lombrail (Université Paris 13 - Public Health)
  • Jennifer Merchant (Université Paris 2 - Bioethical Issues in Comparative Public Policies)
  • Grégoire Moutel (Université de Normandie, CHU Caen, Espace régional éthique - Forensic medicine, medical ethics)
  • Israël Nisand (Université de Strasbourg - European Bioethics Forum - Reproductive Biology)
  • Isabelle Remy-Jouet (Inserm - Quality assurance, health technologies)
  • Corinne Sébastiani (Inserm - Clinical trials, innovative therapies, research in the South)
  • Catherine Vidal (Institut Pasteur - Neurobiology, Sex and Gender in Research)

Permanent guests

  • Marion Abecassis (Life Sciences Lawyer)
  • Christine Dosquet (PA, Chair of the Inserm Ethics Review Committee)
  • Ghislaine Filliatreau (Inserm, scientific integrity delegate)
  • Laurent Fleury (Inserm, head of the Collective Expertise division)
  • Sylvie Ledoux (Inserm, head of the Science and Society division)
  • Flavie Mathieu (Inserm, Science and Society division, in charge of the College of Inserm reviewers)

Ethics committee support team

  • Coordination: Christine Lemaitre (Inserm, Cell Biology, Development and Evolution Institute)
  • Assistant: Yamina Sadani (Inserm, Parliamentary Mission, Ethics Committee and History Committee).

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