Inserm's Virtual Museum

Inserm's Virtual Museum is a website that offers some of Inserm's exhibitions in 3D immersion. Available on any medium, the Virtual Museum adapts itself and changes its appearance according to its contents.

Inserm designs and co-produces exhibitions aimed at a wide audience. Artistic, educational, or sometimes both, these exhibitions travel around France and abroad to meet many audiences. But for some, the adventure doesn't stop there.

Thanks to the Virtual Museum, a selection of Inserm's exhibitions can be accessed in 3D immersion. Like in a first-person perspective video game, the user can move in a virtual environment and interact with different contents: exhibition panels, scientific or artistic images, videos...

The virtual environment is redesigned for each exhibition. The Virtual Museum transforms itself into a submarine for the exhibition "Voyage au coeur du vivant" (A Journey to the Heart of Life), into a spacecraft for "Amazing Science" or into a research laboratory for "Le labo des métiers" (The laboratory of Jobs).

The Virtual Museum is developed by the Inserm's Audiovisual service and the Sisso agency. It is available on computer, tablet and mobile phone. It offers to discover the following exhibitions in French and English: