Research Partnerships

Inserm conducts its research in partnership with numerous players in France: higher education institutions, research organizations, university hospitals, health operators, industry, patient organizations and foundations, local authorities, health agencies, and social welfare organizations. These partnerships take the form of Joint Research Units (JRUs), set up as part of a strategy of shared scientific objectives. 

Inserm has approximately 365 research structures (research units, service units, Clinical Investigation Centers) throughout France. Almost all of these structures are JRUs, each with at least one higher education and research institution sharing supervision with Inserm.

At each site, there is continued dialog between Inserm and its partners, making it possible to:

  • develop a shared scientific strategy, using the opportunities specific to the sites and the strengths of Inserm as a national organization
  • support the research units on a daily basis, taking a co-construction and resource-sharing approach with the partners, ensuring project coherence at national level

Inserm is also developing a policy of partnerships with institutions, health authorities, and public and private decision-makers. The Institute also has many international partners.

Find out more about Inserm’s national partnership policy (in French)