Inserm Prizes

By celebrating its talent, Inserm intends to showcase the diversity and abundance of the biomedical research professions and the creativity and passion of the people that keep things running every day.

The 2023 winners

  • 2023 Grand Prize: Nadine Cerf-Bensussan
  • 2023 Research Prize: Thomas Baumert
  • 2023 Innovation Prize: Alexandre Loupy
  • 2023 Science and Society-Opecst Prize: Marina Kvaskoff
  • 2023 Research Support Prize: Ghislaine Filliatreau
Inserm Prize 2023. Discover the winners – 5 min

The 2022 winners

Inserm Prize 2022. Discover the winners – 5 min 16 

The 2021 winners

Inserm Prize 2021. Discover the winners – 5 min 16 

Inserm Prizes

The Grand Prize pays tribute to a French scientific research player whose work has led to remarkable progress in our knowledge of human physiology, treatment and health in general.

The Research Prize is awarded to a researchers, a lecturer-researcher or a clinician-researcher whose work has made a significant impact on fundamental research, clinical and therapeutic research and public health research.

The Innovation Prize rewards a researcher whose work has been the subject of an entrepreneurial valorization.

The Research Support Prize rewards an engineer, technician or administrator for original work in support of research.

The Opecst-Science and Society Prize honors a researcher who has distinguished himself in the field of research promotion and by his ability to be in dialogue with societal expectations and citizens’ health questions.