Cross-cutting Scientific Programs at Inserm

In line with its missions to accelerate the progress of knowledge, support integrated and multidisciplinary research, and ensure a continuum between fundamental and clinical research, since 2016 Inserm has been developing cross-cutting scientific programs focused on high-priority research topics.

Inserm’s cross-cutting scientific programs aim to:

  • build scientific communities in specific and high-priority fields by developing national interdisciplinary consortia founded on the skills and expertise of Inserm teams;
  • make French biomedical research a leading player in these fields by accelerating knowledge acquisition, transfer, and value-creation, including by integrating industry from the program conception stage.

Inserm’s cross-cutting scientific programs are unifying projects that aim to create a new dynamic in innovative fields by developing complementary skills to explore research areas that have as yet been little studied. These collaborative projects are uniquely funded, and work collectively (i.e. several workstreams that are implemented through a consortium of teams). These programs are open to academic and industrial partners (with partnerships across the program as a whole, or only in one or several program workstreams).

To find out more about the cross-cutting programs, download the calls for projects: