University Hospitals and Health Operators

Inserm is closely associated with hospitals, given that most of its research structures are located near university hospital sites, including university hospitals, comprehensive cancer centers, schools of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry, and French National Blood Service (EFS) sites.

A major objective has been set: to equip our country with centers for excellence with a triple vocation of education, research and healthcare. In this context, Inserm plays a key role in the university-research organization-hospital trio. In fact, the institute is the only one to effectively ensure the continuity of fundamental and clinical biological and medical research.

Inserm is thus responsible for organizing the representation of public research organizations in the Committee on Biomedical and Public Health Research (CRBSPs) of 27 university hospitals.

Inserm hosts doctors

More than 2,000 university hospital employees work in Inserm research structures and over 40% of Inserm structures are managed by university professors & hospital practitioners.

With its Fixed-Term Position, program, Inserm strengthens ties between fundamental research, clinical, therapeutic and public health research, and promotes research in pursuit of its research training policy. In the context of this program, Inserm units or clinical investigation centers welcome doctors for a two-year period. In 2017, 37 such contracts were in progress, including 19 new contracts that had been signed that year.

For their part, Hospital Liaison Contracts enable hospital practitioners to undertake part-time research work or devote more time to research. Once again, doctors are hosted by Inserm units or clinical investigation centers. There are 33 contracts in progress and eight new contracts have be signed in 2017.