In addition to State subsidy, Inserm receives contractual resources allocated by public and private organizations.

For the accounting teams at Inserm, producing high-quality financial information is a permanent objective. This information, available at any time for the governing committee of Inserm, helps best orient management decisions in accordance with the institution’s finances, assets and prospects. It is also intended for the supervisory bodies of the institution in order to account - particularly to Parliament and the Government - for the use of the public funds placed at its disposal.

Initial budget

Budget total : 912,56 M€ (+0,45%). Ressources externes : 31%. Subvention d'État : 69%

Funding sources

Oirigine : 19% ANR, 17% UE, 17% associations et fondations, 11% investissements d'avenir, 9% établissements et agences publics, 9% recettes diverses, 7% collectivités territoriales et EPL, 6% industries, 2% organismes internationaux, 1% ministères, 1% autres organismes

Budget breakdown by activity and by category

Nature et activités : 77% va à l'activité scientifiques des unités de recherche, 14% va au soutient et à l'animation scientifique et 9% au dépenses générales

Budget breakdown by spending category

Dépenses : 53% en personnel permanent, 36% en personnel temporaire, et 11% en dépense de fonctionnement et d'équipement

Budget breakdown by research topic

Instituts auxquels sont alloués les moyens : 22% institut PMN, 16% Neuro, 15% I3M, 14% Cancer, 9% GGB, 7% TS, 7% Santé pubique, 6% BMSV, 4% BCDE