ERC Grantees 2019

In 2019, the European Research Council has granted 2 Starting Grants and 2 Synergy Grants to Inserm researchers. Learn who they are and the name of their research program.

Starting Grant

Camille Berthelot – Inserm Unit 1024 (Paris). The evolution of menstruation in primates – EVOMENS

Meadhbh Brennan – Inserm Unit 1238 (Nantes). Extracellular vesicles for bone regeneration – alternatives to stem-cell therapy - EVEREST

Synergy Grant

Nathalie Bajos (Inserm unit 1018, Villejuif) et Michelle Kelly (Inserm unit 1027, Toulouse). Gender and Health Inequalities :  from embodiment to health care cascade - GENDHI

Fabrice Wendling - Inserm unit 1099 (Rennes). Controlling epileptic brain networks with computationally optimized weak electric fields - GALVANI

Olivier Delattre - Inserm unit 830 (Institut Curie, Paris). Using cell-cell interactions to unlock new cancer treatments: Forcing neural crest tumors back onto the developmental path - KILL-OR-DIFFERENTIAT