Atip – Avenir 2019 Grantees

Find out about young researchers who built their own team thanks to the ATIP–Avenir Program.

  • Julien Ablain – UMR 5286 / U 1052 (CRCL, Lyon). Projet : Studying cancer crowd control
  • Steeve Bouraine – Unité Inserm 1188 (DéTROI, La Réunion). Projet : Dissection of somatosensory circuits in diabetic peripheral neuropathy
  • Guillaume Cambray  – UMR 5048 / U 1054 (CBS, Montpellier). Projet : Mutational profiling at nucleotide resolution:  building and evaluating all point mutants of viruses
  • Jaime De Juan-Sanz – UMR 7225 / U 1127 (ICM, Paris). Projet : Molecular physiology of synaptic mitochondrial bioenergetics and its dysfunction in epilepsy
  • Johan Decelle – UMR 168 (Institut Curie, Paris). Projet : SyMPhONY:  Structural and Metabolic orchestration in PlanktON sYmbioses
  • Jonathan Elegheert – UMR 5297 (IINS, Bordeaux). Projet : Engineered synaptic organizer proteins to modify and repair neuronal synapses
  • Mauro Nicolas Gaya – UMR 7280 / U1104 (CIML, Marseille). Projet : Deciphering the early events of B cell immunity in the lung mucosa
  • Maxim Greenberg – UMR 7592 (IJM, Paris). Projet : Early embryonic events, life-long consequences:
 DNA methylation dynamics in mammalian development
  • Yenkel Grinberg-Bleyer – UMR 5286 / U 1052 (CRCL, Lyon). Projet : Investigating the roles of NF-kB subunits as master regulators of effector T cell function and response to cancer immunotherapies
  • Takeshi Harayama – UMR 7275 (IPMC, Nice). Projet : Genetic and chemical manipulation of lipid acyl-chains to study cell differentiation and membrane organization
  • Fabienne Lescroart – Unité Inserm 1251 (MMG, Marseille). Projet : Breaking the “Heart-code”: Deciphering the molecular and cellular mechanisms driving early mouse cardiac progenitor specification in time and space
  • Diana Passaro – UMR 8104 / U 1016 (Institut Cochin, Paris). Projet : The bone marrow vascular niche structural and molecular alteration in acute leukemia
  • Filipe Pinto Teixeira – UMR 5547 (CBD, Toulouse). Projet : Building neural networks for motion vision
  • Owen Randlett – UMR 5310 / U 1217 (INMG, Lyon). Projet : The circuit and molecular mechanisms of long-term habituation in larval zebrafish
  • Patrice Rassam – UMR 7021 (LBP, Illkirch). Projet : Bacteriocin mediated Import of active Molecules.
  • Nuria Romero – UMR 7254 (Institut Sophia Agrobiotech, Valbonne). Projet : Instructive role of the brain at the juvenile to adult developmental transition: timing and behaviors
  • Joana Santos – UMR 9198 (I2BC, Gif-sur-Yvette). Transcription regulation during the asexual and sexual life cycle of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum