Atip – Avenir 2017 Grantees

Find out about young researchers who built their own team thanks to the ATIP – Avenir Program.

Annabelle Ballesta – Unité Inserm 935 (Villejuif). Project: Multi-scale Systems Pharmacology to Personalize Anticancer Drug Combination and Schedule. Read the interview

Chun-Long Chen – UMR3244 (Paris). Project: Study of the replication program by high-throughput single molecule DNA sequencing

Manuel Daniel Diaz-Munoz – Unité Inserm 1043 (CPTP, Toulouse). Project: Post-transcriptional control of the antibody response and B-cell lymphomagenesis.

Jonathan Enriquez – UMR5242 (IGFL, Lyon). Project: Making Motoneurons Unique

Yad Ghavi-Helm – UMR5242 (IGFL, Lyon). Project: Regulatory genomics during Drosophila embryogenesis: dissecting enhancer-promoter interactions

Yaser Hashem – Unité Inserm 1212 (ARNA, Bordeaux). Project: Structural differences in protein translation between eukaryotic pathogens and mammals

Bruno Hudry UMR 7277 / U1091 (iBV, Nice). Project: Importance of the cellular sex and underlying mechanisms

Karine Loulier – Unité Inserm 1051 (INM, Montpellier). Project: Neural cell diversity and balance in brain development and pathologies. Read the interview

Emmanuel Perisse – Unité Inserm 1191 (IGF, Montpellier). Project: Neural circuit mechanisms of relative value coding

Sophie Postel-Vinay – Unité Inserm 981 (Villejuif). Project: Identifying synthetic lethal and selective approaches to target SWI/SNF-deficiency in solid tumors

Matteo Rauzi – UMR 7277 / U1091 (iBV, Nice). Project: Subcellular Properties and Emerging Embryo-scale Mechanics driving Morphogenesis

Laurent Reber – Unité Inserm 1043 (CPTP, Toulouse). Project: Role of IgG antibodies in food allergy and oral immunotherapy. Read the interview

Michael Rera – UMR8256 (B2A, Paris). Project: Improving healthspan through understanding the molecular events preceding death

Thomas Robert – UMR5048 (CBS, Montpellier). Project: Condensin and homologous recombination in mouse meiosis

Lisa Roux – UMR5297 (IINS, Bordeaux). Project: The olfactory cortex as a potential neurophysiological substrate for olfactory memory formation.

Helgo Schmidt – UMR7104 / U964 (IGBMC, Strasbourg). Project: The Structure and Mechanism of the Ribosome Maturation factor Rea1

Giorgio Seano – Unité Inserm 1021 (Institut Curie, Orsay). Project: Radioresistance and vessel co-option in glioblastoma. Read the interview

Hervé Turlier – UMR7241 / U1050 (CIRB, Paris). Project: Multiscale modeling of cell and embryo morphogenesis

David Thura – Unité Inserm 1028 (CRNL, Lyon). Project: The basal ganglia regulate decision-making and motor control to optimize the rate of reward: Basic approach and clinical perspective. Read the interview

Allon Weiner – Unité Inserm 1135 (CIMI, Paris). Project: Mechanisms of Candida albicans invasion into epithelial cells revealed by single-cell studies. Read the interview